What is available to you in the form of workshops or training?

We offer specific training, this is because we believe we are experts in training relating to the management of people or a business. This is because we live and breathe within the CMR Group everything we look for others to do and this is conveyed in the “real” interactive workshops provided. All of our workshops will contribute to a successful team and business growth. Our workshops are as follows:

How does it work?

Our training is fixed in terms of the workshop structures, however if you do need something more tailored to a specific need, then we can either write this where there is a slight deviation, but if it is not our field of expertise we will advise you on who you should go to.

We run some public workshops where you can send one individual, or you can have a whole day or half day onsite where we can have 15 attendees at a time.

All of our workshops are interactive and concentrate on the previous experiences you have had, using new tools to change the outcome of your next encounter.




Public Workshop

£250 + VAT per person

Training Daily Rate (up to 15 delegates)

£1200 + VAT

Training ½ Daily Rate (up to 15 delegates)

£600 + VAT

Got any questions? Give us a call today on 0800 380 0791

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