All CMR Consultancy services offered are very much around our belief in people and that their intention when they get up every morning, is to do a good job! This is our platform of belief or our foundation if you like

We do appreciate that the standard they deliver in that job might not meet your expectations and this can be where things go wrong.  Our services allow you to identify what has gone wrong and why and then our support will demonstrate how to manage the individual to deliver to your expectations, and or identify the process to remove them from that role and place them elsewhere in the business, where they can be of the most value.

Business Growth

Business Growth Consultancy tailors strategies, analysing core issues for optimal growth.

Outsourced People Management

Outsourced People Management enhances talent strategies, ensuring efficiency, objectivity, and growth.


CMR’s training focuses on specialised management, fostering team success and growth.

Disc Profiling

DISC Profiling offers insightful, simple, and transformative behavioral insights for teams.


People Management

People Management Workshop empowers leaders with tools for effective team guidance and growth.

Planning and Organising

Planning and Organising Workshop equips participants with structured strategies for efficient task execution.

Basic Telesales Telemarketing

Basic Telesales Telemarketing Workshop hones communication skills for optimal sales outcomes.

Successful Interviewing

Successful Interviewing Workshop enhances techniques for insightful candidate evaluations and selections.

Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication Workshop strengthens confident, clear, and respectful interpersonal interactions.