Business Growth Consultancy

What is Business Growth Consultancy?

Unlike our other services which are fixed processes in order to succeed, this service is more dependent upon you. Therefore we establish what you need to achieve the business growth. In some cases this can mean just a day with us establishing what you need to do. In other cases we or you need to bring in other experts or finally perhaps we have other services which will deliver the growth for you.

Business Growth Consultancy can be as little as 1 day analysis to ongoing support on a monthly basis covering whatever is needed either “In” your business or “On” your business.

How does it work?

CMR have an initial meeting with you to get an overview of where you are trying to get to and the results you are looking for. We also get your perspective on where you think the problems are, although be warned, these are very rarely the “real” business issues.

We then offer you the time and expertise you need which will be provided in the form of daily & half daily services, either as and when required or on a retainer basis.

Our Consultancy evaluates and questions under the following areas:

  • Your ambition for growth & understanding the historical growth

  • The Commercials to date across Product, People, Price, Communication

  • Your Team & their delivery (Personalities, Competencies, Motivation, Management & KPI’s)

  • The Market & Sales (Who are you being a “hero” to?)

  • Accountability to Delivery of Results





Consultancy Daily Rate

£1200 + VAT

Consultancy ½ Daily Rate

£600 + VAT

Hourly Rate for:   1-2-1 coaching


£200 + VAT per hour

£200 + VAT per hour

Training Daily Rate

£1200 + VAT

Training ½ Daily Rate

£600 + VAT

Got any questions? Give us a call today on 0800 380 0791

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