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CMR Consultancy & Training work with a broad range of companies & Industries where all of the growth has been established through recommendations and referrals.

In order to be this successful across such a broad range of industries, we are reliant on having an honest partnership relationship with our clients. This relationship ensures the right knowledge is gained to understand what you are trying to achieve overall, as opposed to just what you might need us to do. Once we understand you, the people and the business all of our services are designed around what you need.

People are the most valuable asset to your business growth, but without knowing how they tick, what they need in terms of management style and communication you are not going to achieve goal or the target. CMR Consultancy will uncover the changes you need to grow.

We meet with every prospective client to evaluate our worth to them. Our partnership arrangement is only successful if we can understand and answer this question; “What difference can we make to you?” After all the right advice, training or understanding of your team and the company is only of value if you are able to take action immediately. Perhaps some of the following ring a bell for you:

There is no point in sending a member of staff on our sales training course if they don’t want to sell!

There is no point in making your best sales person the Sales Manager!

There is no point where someone identifies potential you think they will be effective in areas they will never have aptitude for!

Ensure you are capitalising and your people are being “the best they can be”, which will deliver for you optimum results.

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