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CMR Consultancy and Training began in 2011 as a direct result of educating and working with companies through CMR Recruitment. In working closely with companies helping them recruit, our fact find to identify the right recruit more often than not established how many other things the business had to do before they could recruit. CMR Recruitment would not want to recruit for a position if the structure or support isn’t in place for any new employee.

It was important to work with the company in order to get support mechanisms in place to create the proper foundation for growth.

Our services under this area are very broad with every company being so different; where they have come from, where they are heading, industry, product and people, truly no one size fits all.
Don’t you hate it when you just can’t get your team or an individual to deliver and you really don’t know why?

Don’t you hate it when training doesn’t work especially when you thought it would?

Don’t you hate it when you hire a business advisor and all they do is coach you rather than ensuring you deliver a result and be accountable?

It is this belief which is applied daily, working with companies providing exceptional knowledge, understanding and support at an affordable price to double their turnover. Click here on Our Services which will show you how we do this.

Achieving excellence through people is the essence of the business and this core value is not only upheld in our products and services, but it is demonstrated daily through our own people. Click here on meet the team and let them tell you themselves.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At CMR we have a strong corporate social responsibility within Charities and Education and give back wherever we can.
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