Here you’ll watch Charlie Ryan explain psychometric testing and how read those profiles, using employee Chloe’s as an example.


Do you want to learn how to:
Know what you are taking on to give it every chance of success.
Ask the right questions at 2nd interview to really prove they are what you think.
Create a toolbox of questions for the right questions to each kind of DISC.
Understand how to Induct each DISCs to ensure they stay with you!
This bitesize workshop ensures you can use DISC psychometric testing to confirm and highlight your evaluation of a candidate confirming that what you have “seen” is real. This workshop gives you a toolbox allowing you to put together a 2nd interview which is structured in line with what the DISC has highlighted. You will no longer have to wait for our video interpretation after this workshop, you can do it yourself. Therefore, all of your DISCs after this should only cost you £50 + VAT, as you will know what to ask from the graphs you get to see. So if you believe you will be doing another 6 DISCs at some point then this course pays for itself.

The Details:

When: 16th May 2019
Cost per Course: £300 + VAT per delegate (2nd delegate from the same company £250 + VAT)
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm (30 minute break) and lunch is provided
Location: Heathrow Hotel Venue

Full details will be provided upon booking. To book your place or for more information please email